Karen Hall, Ph.D, Conservation Ecologist; Vice President Biocenosis, LLC

Doctor of Philosophy-Environmental Resources, NC State University, 2012
Master of Science-Forestry, NC State University, 1998
Bachelor of Science-Biology, UNC-Chapel Hill, 199

A founding member of Biocenosis, Karen has actively worked to promote the company’s mission of protecting, enhancing, and rehabilitating ecosystems as well as promoting responsible community stewardship of natural resources by empowering local people to work on environmental protection. She has devoted her educational and career pursuits to improving the environment and educating others on the importance of preserving our precious natural resources.

For the past thirteen years, Karen has served as a Riparian Biologist and Extension Associate for North Carolina State University. She has been actively involved in restoring numerous streams, wetlands, and riparian areas throughout the state. She has taught hundreds of professionals throughout the years on how to plan, implement, maintain, and monitor riparian vegetation on restoration sites. Karen is also involved in research projects that will further the science of ecosystem restoration.

In addition to riparian work, Karen has experience in planning and implementing threatened and endangered species habitat restoration throughout the eastern United States.  Some of her favorite projects are restoring prairie habitats and bog turtle wetlands. Prior to her tenure at NC State, she worked for a private engineering firm as a consulting biologist. She also worked for the U.S. Forest Service in Oregon as a wildlife biologist surveying spotted owls

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