Robeson Creek Stewards Program


Biocenosis co-coordinates the Robeson Creek Watershed Council (RCWC) with the NCSU Water Quality Group. The RCWC is comprised of stakeholders, agencies, and local, state, and federal government representatives that meet quarterly in Pittsboro to discuss watershed issues and determine ways to address problems in the watershed.

The RCWC has been working with the NC Division of Water Quality and the Town of Pittsboro to facilitate the implementation of regulations to reduce polluted runoff to Robeson Creek, such as improved buffer rules and stronger local ordinances regulating new development.

These new regulations will primarily reduce the impact of new development. Reductions in non-point source pollution from existing development will have to be accomplished though voluntary commitments made by the Pittsboro community.

Woods Charter School cleans up Robeson CreekAs part of this effort, Biocenosis developed and leads the Robeson Creek Stewards Program. The goal of the program is to promote community stewardship by encouraging businesses, local government agencies, schools, youth groups and home owner associations to voluntarily participate in reducing phosphorus and sediment runoff by implementing stormwater best management practices (BMPs), and to implement aquatic habitat protection and restoration.

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