Putting Sustainability into Practice

Biocenosis can provide on-site training for professionals, federal and state agencies, local governments, landowners, teachers, students, agencies, and other persons interested in environmental conservation, restoration, policy, and management. We partner with renowned experts to create custom workshops that meet the needs of our clients.  Our audiences often include government personnel, environmental consultants, engineers, developers, land managers, land planners, policy-makers, teachers, and environmental groups just to name a few.

Our trainings generally range between 1 to 3 days depending on the topic. Though workshops are usually a full day in length, we can tailor individual sessions around requested schedules. Workshop formats can vary from a full day of classroom seminars to an entire outdoor hands-on training event or a combination of both.  Guest speakers and field tours are commonplace and add to the depth and breadth of the learning experience.

Workshop costs are widely variable and will depend on level of organization and workshop preparation, workshop length, and material and technical needs.  Cost will include reproduction and preparation of course materials such as handouts, worksheets, and/or notebooks, one to two expert speakers per day, workshop food and beverage, and travel expenses.  For each workshop, a detailed scope of work and budget will be prepared for the client well in advance of the event date.

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